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Most of our Invitations are now available from The Painting Pony as our supplier!

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Got Questions? Here's Your Answers!

Do you print the invitations yourself?
I only design the invitations; they are manufactured and shipped completely by a printing company located in the state of CA and then drop shipped to you when you place an order.
I ordered my invitations but I forgot something, can I still make changes?

If you have placed an order off of The Painting Pony site, then YES, we can still make changes. Please contact us ASAP.

IF you have ordered off of the Zazzle site, then NO. Since the invitations are made to order and printed on-demand, once you make you order, what you see is what you get. This means any and all corrections have to be made BEFORE you place your order. No changes are made after you order so you need to make sure everything is 100% correct or anything misspelled etc. will be printed exactly as you entered them. If there is a problem with your order, I recommend canceling it and re-ordering.You will have to contact Zazzle directly to do this as we only do the design work.

How Do I contact Zazzle or The Bride Shop to make changes to my order?
Please see this page for more information.
What if I am unhappy with my purchase?
Please contact us so that we can help you. I do my best to make sure all of my brides are happy.
How do I order samples of your wedding invitations?
At this time we are unable to provide samples of customized products. We can, however, provide a discounted purchase of a demo pack of invites. Check the box on the product's page that says SAMPLE. This will give you a discounted price on the invitations you wish to see.
What is your printing like? What about the type of invitation papers?
Our printer is top-notch and specializes in invitation printing! We also have a good selection of paper types but most of our invitations on the site are available on 120# Accent Opaque Uncoated. If you would like a different type of paper, just contact us to talk about other options.
An invitation I like doesn't come in my colors, how can I get it in my colors?
Most designs are easily changed to a color you request. Simply send us an email with some color samples you like so I can try to match them better. If a design is more difficult to make changes to, a $25 design fee may be added to your cost. I will let you know when you contact me if this applies or not depending on which design you are wanting.
An invitation I like doesn't have an rsvp card, menu card, or thank you notes to match. Can I get these?
Yes! Just send me an email and I can design matching products for you if you let me know what you need. Not all of the stationery sets are 100% complete so just because you don't see something, doesn't mean I can't add it for you - I just haven't gotten to it yet for that set.
What paper types can I choose from?

Paper Stocks

  • 110# Synergy White Felt Cover
  • 110# Synergy Ecru Felt Cover
  • 120# Accent Opaque
  • 110# Cream Uncoated Cover
  • 110# Gloss Cover
  • 110# Ice Pearl Cover
  • 130# Mohawk Options 100% PCW Recycled
  • 19pt Savoy 100% Cotton
  • 19pt Natural Savoy
  • 100# Kraft

Double Thick Paper Stocks

  • 34pt Synergy Ecru Felt Cover
  • 34pt Synergy White Felt Cover
  • 28pt Uncoated Cover
  • 28pt Cream Uncoated Cover
  • 28pt Ice Pearl Cover
  • 30pt Mohawk Options 100% PCW Recycled
  • 38pt Savoy 100% Cotton
  • 38pt Natural Savoy
  • 27pt Kraft
How fast can I get my order?
Most orders are processed and printed within 3-5 business day and are shipped out of California. However, during a peak wedding season, larger orders may take a little longer. I recommend contacting us directly if time is important to you.
Do the invitations and RSVP cards come with envelopes?
Yes, all of the invitations and greeting cards come with plain white envelopes. If you want matching envelopes, they can be made for you on most designs. Custom envelopes cost around $1 (give or take a few cents) per envelopes depending on how many you are buying and the design.
How do I find out how much my invitations will cost?
Simply add the number you want to your cart and it will give you a total. If you can't select the number you want on the product page. Then check your total in the cart.